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Closed for summer break

 Flying Pizza & Wings
Closed for summer break

What's the Scoop?
Closed for summer break

Bagel Lounge
Closed for summer break


The Village Market includes a full Campus Market.

Village Market is a 3200 square foot express store where students and staff can purchase groceries and convenience items using cash, credit or gold points. Product mix includes fresh produce, frozen/convenience meals, bread, tortillas, pasta, rice, baking/cooking basics dairy, sweets, snacks, household items, health/beauty products and even some basic kitchen items. There is also a wide variety of beverages including coffee, espresso, fountain drinks and assorted cold bottled and canned drinks. Sharing the footprint is Flying Pizza and Wings, What's the Scoop, and The Bagel Lounge.

Flying Pizza and Wings offers hand tossed pizzas and tasty wing options available for those late night cravings.

What's the Scoop features hand scooped Breyer's ice cream with choice of over 20 different toppings.

The Bagel Lounge is the newest addition to the Village Market which takes getting a bagel to a whole new level. Now you will be able to enjoy a bagel with your choice of spread plus sweet and savory mix-ins to satisfy any craving. House of Bagels freshly delivers bagels daily and now you add a twist to your favorite with Nutella & Strawberries or whatever new creation you can think of, the combinations are endless.

*Located in the Campus Village, at the bottom of Building B