Behind The Scenes

  • Sourcing product in bulk whenever possible to reduce packaging material
  • Implementation of  stand-alone office machines (printer, fax, copier/scanner) reduction and replacement by “workgroup” multifunction machines
  • Preventative maintenance programs to ensure equipment is running efficiently and to manufacturer specifications
  • Continuing to evaluate life cycle and energy consumption data for food service equipment before procurement
  • Continuing to evaluate new equipment purchases based on Energy Star life cycle calculators and similar criteria
  • Encouraging current and new vendors to adopt sustainable practices. New agreements will contain verbiage addressing the importance of sustainable/green practices and will become an added criteria for the basis of award for all RFP’s.
  • As equipment is replaced, continuing to evaluate new equipment purchases based on the latest Energy Star life cycle calculators and other energy saving models
  • Continuing to encourage and influence manufacturers and distributors of food products to adopt and continuing to employ sustainable practices by evaluating packaging, transportation, and manufacturing processes
  • Communicating with other Colleges/Universities through national associations and group purchasing organizations to share current best practices and adopt new strategies