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What does it mean?

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A vegetarian diet does not consist of any meat, seafood, or poultry. Vegetarians still consume eggs and dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese, but some vegetarians still choose to avoid them when possible.

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Vegan diets, just like vegetarian diets, do not consume any meat, seafood, or poultry, in addition to any other animal products and by-products. This includes, but is not limited to, eggs, dairy products, and honey.

Why is it a healthy choice?

Vegans and vegetarians tend to consume less saturated fat and cholesterol and more vitamins C and E, dietary fiber, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, and phytochemicals resulting in a higher likelihood to have lower total LDL (bad) cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and a lower body mass index (BMI), all of which are associated with longevity and reduced risk for many chronic diseases.

Meat products and byproducts take an enormous amount of resources, such as water, energy, and space, to create as well as lead to detrimental impacts on the environment. Since there is a lack of meat in their diets, a vegetarian’s carbon footprint is extremely lower than an omnivore’s and a vegan’s footprint is even lower.


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Meet Our Chef

Adrian Farmer

Chef Adrian

Executive Chef, Residential Dining

Chef Adrian Farmer grew up in a large family where early on she learned that food was an essential ingredient for bringing family and friends together. She studied at San José State University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in TV and Film. After she graduated she followed her passion and went to culinary school where she earned her culinary certificate. Adrian has over 10 years of cooking experience and in 2013 her creative path led her back to SJSU when she was hired on as the Kitchen Production Lead for The Commons. In December of 2015 she was promoted to Sous Chef where she continues to be a vital part of the masterminds that create flavorful menus for our students. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with friends and family visiting coffee shops.

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Spartan Shops is committed to integrating environmental responsibility into our food sourcing, practices, and products we purchase to support a sustainable SJSU community.

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