Cancellation Procedures

Cancellation of any plan purchased through University Housing must be processed according to the terms of your Housing License Agreement and initiated through the Housing Office (second floor of Campus Village Building B).

All-Campus Meal Plan Cancellation

A Plan Holder on an All-Campus Meal Plan – Gold, Platinum, Community-25, Community-50, Centennial Plan, or Community 150 – may cancel at any time up to two weeks before the end of the plan term date (end of Fall/Spring semester for Gold & Platinum; end of Spring semester for Community 25/50/150/ Centennial). Plan Term Date is defined as Final Exams Make-Up Day.

A cancellation request must be made in writing by the Plan Holder. The request must include the date of submission, the Plan Holder’s name, SJSU ID number, mailing address, telephone number, meal plan and effective date. The request must be submitted to the Dining Admin Office located in MacQuarrie Hall. 

Refunds are made via check and mailed within two weeks of the effective date of cancellation (or within two weeks of receipt of cancellation request, whichever is later) to the mailing address provided by the Plan Holder. 

Gold/Platinum Plan Cancellations

The Commons access will terminate as of the effective date of cancellation and any remaining Guest Meals are forfeited. The Plan Holder also forfeits any remaining plan-related Dining Dollars balance.

If the cancellation date is within one week of the start of the semester and the patron has NO usage, the full plan purchase price will be refunded.

Gold & Platinum Plan Holders will receive a refund based on the plan value at the Move-Out date as shown on the current semester’s “Meal Plan Daily Values” spreadsheet. If a Plan Holder has used more Dining Dollars than the difference between the pro-rated plan value and the original purchase price, the refund will be reduced by the amount of Dining Dollars “over-spending”.

Community Plan Cancellations

Plan Holders will receive a refund for the value of the meals remaining from their plan purchase. Meals are valued at the purchase price divided by the number of meals purchased (e.g.: Community Plan 25 = $290.00/25 meals = $11.60/meal).