Meal Plan FAQ's

Q: For the Gold and Platinum Meal Plans, what does “unlimited entry” mean?

Unlimited entry means that on days you are eligible to eat at The Commons, (Gold Plan Members Monday-Friday, Platinum Members seven days a week) you can come to The Commons as many times as you desire. We are not counting your meals, so you may enter The Commons as many times as you want during our operating hours.

Q: What are the “guest meals” that you get with the Gold and Platinum Meal Plans?

Guest Meals allow you to bring a friend or family member to The Commons with you. You have five guest meals a semester which could be used to treat five friends all at once or a single friend during five separate occasions; the choice is yours.

Q: If I get the Gold Plan, is there anyway I could eat at The Commons during the weekends if I am ever on Campus?

You sure can! With the Gold Plan you have five guest meals, you can use one of those guest meals on yourself on the weekend and enjoy The Commons. Also, you or anyone without a meal plan could pay to eat at The Commons at the rate of $10 for breakfast, $12 for lunch, and $13 for dinner. Plus, all Gold Plan members have $300 Dining Dollars which you can spend at our retail dining units.

Q: If I have the Community 25, Community 50, Centennial plan, or the Community 150 and I don’t use up all my The Commons entries, do they rollover?

Your The Commons entry balance (and for Centennial plans and Community 150 plans, any unused Dining Dollars) will roll over from Fall semester to Spring semester in the same academic year. All Community Plan meals and Dining Dollars expire at the end of the Spring Semester.

Q: What are Dining Dollars and how do they work?

Dining Dollars is essentially a debit card function built into your student ID card that allows students to conveniently make purchases at dining units on campus. Whenever you want to know the balance on your account, simply take the card to a register at a Dining Dollars location and ask the cashier for the balance or check your last purchase receipt and your remaining balance will be at the bottom. 

Q:  Do Dining Dollars expire?

Membership Plan Dining Dollars unused balances expire at the end of each semester (last day to use them is Final Exam Make-Up Day).

Q: I am interested in purchasing a meal plan later on in the semester; could I do that or do I have to buy it before school starts?

You can buy a Gold or Platinum Membership meal plan at any point throughout the semester and the price will be prorated to the date of purchase. You can purchase a community plan (or re-purchase) at any time.

Q: Do I have to live on campus to buy a meal plan or eat at The Commons?

No, any SJSU student, faculty or staff can buy a meal plan and eat at The Commons. We understand that even if you do not live on campus, you may still spend a majority of your day here going to classes, so The Commons doors are open to everyone.

Q: How can I upgrade my meal plan?

If you purchased your meal plan through Housing, you can upgrade by calling (408) 795-5600 or by visiting the Housing Office located on the second floor of Campus Village Building B. All other upgrades can be done by calling (408) 924-1885 or visiting our Dining Admin Office located in MacQuarrie Hall.